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We are authorised distributors and importers for SANTI, LIGHT MONKEY, Shearwater Computers, AII (Analytical Industries Inc.), Scurion ® and KISS Rebreathers. 

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Pine Tank Lodge


Pine Tank Dive Lodge has been designed by cave divers to meet the needs of divers. With affordable accommodation and only 5 minutes driving time to the best cave diving sites in the South East of South Australia (Pines, Tank, Iddlebiddy, Nettlebed, Fossil, Sisters, Mud Hole, Stinging Nettle Cave), divers can maximise their time in the water. 

SANTI Comfort BZ200 Ladies

Comfort BZ200 Ladies


* three pockets - one of them fastened
* wide (10 cm) elastic ankle bands
* tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves
* elastic gussets in arms
* in waist - elastic gusset made of the fabric protecting from the wind
* Nowa wartosc EN
* female zip
* water-resistant cuffs


Undersuit BZ 200 is good for cold water - with suitable underwear it can be used for long dives in extremaly difficult conditions.

The insulating layer in this COMFORT 200 UNDERSUIT is made of high class compressed Thinsulate 200 type. This type of insulation absorbs less than 1% of moisture in relation to its weight, so even in damp conditions, Thinsulate retains its insulating ability. This breathable material guarantees the thermal balance in a body of diver.

The outside layer is made of 6.6 100% Polyamide - light weight, but extremely durable and breathable fabric. Smooth and slippery outer shell provides help with getting into your Dry Suit.

The inner lining is made from "Micropolar" 190 g/m2. The Comfort 200 under suit is good for cold water - with suitable underwear it can be used for long dives in extremely difficult conditions.